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Sleep Apnea: What happens to my body?

Your body needs oxygen and rest to function properly. A lack of oxygen or the inability to sustain deep levels of sleep can impair your health, sour your mood, and present serious safety issues. Not only is your safety at risk, but you must also consider the safety of those around you. When you suffer […]

TMJ Disorder: Is oral surgery necessary?

Many patients come to a dentist with complaints of pain and headaches that do not seem to have a cause. Often, the culprit in these cases is a temporomandibular joint disorder, or a problem with the jaw. The jaw joint, where the mandible (lower jawbone) meets the skull, is a complex structure that facilitates all […]

Frequent Headaches: What is the cause?

When should you be concerned about recurrent headaches? Headaches can stem from tension and stress, extreme concentration, dehydration, sinus pressure, high blood pressure, and more. In fact, most of us experience headaches so frequently that they can begin to feel “normal”. The truth is that the human body is designed to alert us when there […]