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How soon can I return to school or work after wisdom tooth extraction?

Many times, patients’ wisdom teeth are removed because the retention of these teeth greatly increases one’s risk for developing painful and problematic oral health conditions such as TMJ dysfunction, chronic infection, periodontal disease, and dental caries. A tooth extraction – especially for wisdom teeth – is a preventive measure taken by a dental professional to […]

Tooth Extraction vs. Root Canal

Have you ever wondered why some teeth can be saved with root canal therapy while others require surgical removal? While these treatment protocols are very different; their objectives are the same. Whether tooth extraction or root canal treatment is necessary, the ultimate goal is to preserve oral health and improve oral function. A tooth extraction […]

Why Early Detection of Dental Decay is So Important

Tooth decay is a very common oral health affliction; in fact, estimates show that up to 99% of the population will be affected by cavities. While tooth decay is a common dental condition, it can be very destructive, especially if it is not treated professionally with a restoration. In some cases, severe cavities may eventually […]

Tooth Extraction: What happens if I decide not to replace a missing tooth?

Following a tooth extraction, patients face the sometimes difficult decision of how to replace the missing tooth and whether to do so at all. The case for replacing a natural tooth after tooth extraction is a strong one. Patients can suffer a number of negative consequences if they decide against tooth replacement. A missing tooth […]

Don’t wait too long to extract a damaged tooth

In dentistry, whenever humanly possible, the best choice for your health is to preserve the natural teeth. If a damaged tooth can be restored, whether by filling, root canal, or crown, saving your natural tooth is the best choice. In some cases, however, the damage can be so extensive that the tooth simply cannot be […]