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Will I be comfortable during my dental implant placement?

Some of our patients’ biggest concerns regarding oral health procedures involve their comfort. If you have an upcoming procedure for dental implant placement, you might be wondering what your experience will be like at our practice. Our oral surgeons take our guests’ comfort very seriously; we utilize local anesthetics and sedation dentistry to ensure a […]

The Advantages for Choosing Sedation Dentistry for Oral Surgery

Do you have an upcoming appointment for dental implant placement or wisdom teeth extraction? If so, you might be wondering how our oral surgeon will keep you comfortable during your procedure. Our practice offers sedation dentistry to increase our guests’ physical and emotional comfort during treatment. Following are some advantages patients enjoy when they choose […]

Sedation Dentistry: Is it right for you?

Do you have an upcoming appointment with our oral surgeon for wisdom teeth removal or dental implants placement? If so, you might be wondering about what to expect during treatment and what kinds of methods we have to keep you comfortable. One way we can increase our guests’ comfort is through sedation dentistry – the […]

Dental Implants: Is sedation dentistry an option?

Are you looking into dental implants as a tooth replacement option? If so, you probably have questions about the procedure. Many patients wonder what they will experience during treatment and if they will be comfortable throughout their procedures. One way that we can ensure a positive experience for our patients is with sedation dentistry. Sedation […]

Tips to Relax During Your Next Dental Procedure

Does anxiety keep you from receiving the oral healthcare you need and deserve? Perhaps your anxiety is so powerful that you have trouble keeping your dental appointments for checkups and cleanings. You aren’t alone in your struggle. Millions of people suffer from anxiety disorders and dental phobias are actually one of the most common phobia-based […]

When is IV sedation recommended?

IV sedation can be recommended in dental and medical settings. This type of sedation alleviates feelings of nervousness and discomfort while also helping patients in treatment remain still so that a dentist or oral surgeon can perform treatments without obstruction. IV sedation might also be recommended for patients with special needs to help maintain their […]

Can sedation dentistry benefit a restless or anxious child?

Receiving oral treatment can be difficult for children, especially when being still and calm is essential to having an effective and comfortable procedure. Sedation dentistry can be of great benefit for children, especially since some of the sounds and sensations they experience can be new and concerning. Using sedation promotes a relaxing and calm experience […]

Will I remember anything with sedation dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is incredibly useful – especially when patients are receiving treatments from an oral surgeon. From receiving dental implants to reconstructive or corrective surgeries that address congenital abnormalities or facial trauma, sedation dentistry promotes a comfortable and positive experience for our patients and can improve the accuracy of treatment because it allows our team […]

What exactly is dental phobia?

Specific phobias such as dental phobia are a type of anxiety disorder that creates intense feelings of panic and nervousness among people in dental and clinical settings. Sometimes, a dental phobia can be so severe that a person will avoid necessary oral health treatment. Fortunately, sedation dentistry can greatly ease the effects of dental phobia […]

What are the side effects of IV sedation?

IV sedation is a form of sedation dentistry that helps our oral surgeon improve a patient’s level of care and comfort. Sedation dentistry is not a new practice; in fact, dental professionals have been using sedatives for centuries – especially when it comes to providing surgical and complex care. Since we only utilize FDA-approved drugs […]