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Mouthguards: Not just for professional athletes

You don’t have to be a professional athlete for a sports-related injury to lead to mouth surgery. Weekend warriors and elite athletes alike are at risk for significantly damaging facial trauma if they don’t wear the proper protective equipment. To limit the likelihood that recreational activities will send them to the oral surgeon, patients should […]

Will Jaw or Mouth Surgery Correct My Open Bite?

A malocclusion, or misaligned bite, presents many oral health problems for patients. In some cases, patients can enjoy a healthier bite with restorative dentistry such as dental crowns or orthodontic treatment; however, if the cause of the malocclusion is related to the way the jawbones fit together, some patients may need mouth surgery. Our oral […]

When is jaw or mouth surgery necessary?

When the upper and lower jaws don’t meet properly–a condition known as a malocclusion–a patient can suffer from a number of negative effects, including discomfort, decreased capacity for chewing, breathing problems and an unattractive smile. Fortunately, most malocclusions can be corrected with the jaws brought into the proper alignment. Depending on the patient’s developmental stage […]