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Dental Implants: What is osseointegration?

Dental implants make for excellent replacement teeth because they are very durable and stable. A dental implant’s unmatched reputation for stability as prosthetic teeth is due to the fact that they are embedded into the jawbone by an implant dentist. After implantation, bone will begin to fuse to the implant through a natural biologic process […]

Enjoy Your Favorite Foods with Dental Implants

After tooth loss, eating food and speaking properly becomes very different. Tooth loss has profound effects on our everyday lives. For example, eating a meal comfortably and confidently can become quite cumbersome with missing teeth. Fortunately, patients have many options for replacing lost teeth. One wildly popular method for restoring oral function and lost dental […]

Which teeth can be replaced by dental implants?

An increasing number of patients are considering dental implants to replace teeth lost to disease or injury, but some may have concerns that a dental implant may not be a good fit for the specific tooth that needs to be replaced. In fact, an implant dentist can use a dental implant to replace any missing […]

Dental Implants: When is a bone graft recommended?

During the process of planning for dental implant placement, the implant dentist will thoroughly evaluate the patient’s facial structures to ensure that the patient is an appropriate candidate for dental implants. Inadequate bone tissue can present an obstacle to patients who want to get dental implants. The key to dental implant durability is the bond […]

Will dental implants last a lifetime?

Many patients consult with an implant dentist after tooth loss because they want a durable replacement tooth that is unlikely to need to be replaced over time. Dentures and bridges often lose their fit over time as the shape of the jawbone changes, and patients may need to have those appliances adjusted or even get […]

The History of Dental Implants

Dental implants have received a great deal of attention in recent years, but many patients don’t realize that the devices have been present throughout history. The earliest evidence of dental implants was found in societies as ancient as the Mayans. Those rudimentary appliances were made of materials like shells and ivory. A modern-day implant dentist […]

Dental implants: Reclaim a more youthful appearance

The gap left behind by a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth can create the appearance that you are years older than your true chronological age. Fortunately, this aging process is reversible. It can be fixed in just a few visits to the implant dentist. Dental implants give you the opportunity to shave years from […]

Do certain health conditions reduce implant success?

Dental implants can be a wise long-term investment if you care for them properly. Unlike other tooth replacement alternatives, the dental implant and its accompanying prosthetic crown replicate the entire structure of the missing tooth, not merely the visible portion. However, in order for those dental implants to be an enduring solution, patients’ mouths must […]

Dental implants: A great long term investment

There are many options when it comes to replacing a missing tooth. Removable partial dentures can be an inexpensive and relatively quick tooth replacement solution. Fixed dental bridges are generally a more expensive option, but also have some inherent drawbacks. Dental implants typically cost more than the other options, but also tend to be less […]

What is a dental implant?

For more than a quarter of a decade, dental implants have been adopted by the dental and medical communities as the preferred method of tooth replacement. Although nothing can take the place of healthy, natural teeth, when tooth loss occurs, implants are typically the best option for replacing them. Dental implants are titanium cylinders that […]