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What are the most common teeth to become impacted?

An impacted tooth increases a patient’s risk for common oral health conditions and can negatively affect oral function. The most typical tooth to become impacted is a wisdom tooth. Since these teeth are unnecessary to oral function, they are often removed by an oral surgeon. A maxillary canine is the second most common type of […]

What signs and symptoms are associated with an impacted tooth?

Wisdom teeth tend to become impacted, which means that they do not emerge through the bone and gums properly. An impacted tooth contributes to a number of unpleasant symptoms that could reduce your quality of life and affect your oral health. This is why oral health professionals often recommend the removal of wisdom teeth. Symptoms […]

What is a soft tissue impacted tooth?

Permanent teeth become impacted when they are unable to emerge properly in the smile. Many impacted teeth are surrounded by the jawbone. Alternatively, a soft tissue impacted tooth is covered only by the gum tissue and unable to emerge. A patient’s third molars, or wisdom teeth, have the greatest likelihood of being impacted because they […]

How do I know if my tooth is impacted?

An impacted tooth is no laughing matter. Impacted teeth can inflict damage to neighboring teeth, lead to infection, or damage the jaw bone. Most often, impacted teeth are not likely to move into the proper positions, leading to a recommendation for extraction. If you suspect that you may have an impacted tooth, it is important […]