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4 Things You May Not Know About Your Toothbrush

A toothbrush is a person’s best weapon against the development of common dental diseases. Brushing our teeth is a twice-daily occurrence but many people have misconceptions about how to choose a toothbrush, how to keep it “sanitary”, and last but not least – how to use it properly. Empowering yourself with accurate information will help […]

Beware of These 4 Dental Fads

It seems that there’s a new article on the web each day detailing some easy, do-it-yourself method for improving health or hygiene. Similarly, our culture is inundated with fads from the entertainment industry – many of them impractical and dated. Not all fads are worth trying, especially fads that can negatively affect oral health. Dental […]

Why Regular Dental Exams Are So Important

Have you had an oral health checkup lately? Having routine dental examinations is imperative to monitoring your oral health and improving the likelihood of early detection of common issues like periodontal disease and tooth decay. Following are some good reasons why you shouldn’t skip dental appointments. Oral Diseases are Destructive Common oral diseases are destructive […]

Preventing Facial Injuries on the Field and on the Court

Many sports-related activities can contribute to tooth loss and dental trauma. Did you know that it is possible to prevent facial and oral injuries by taking precautionary measures? You can also mitigate their effects by seeking the appropriate medical or dental treatment in a timely manner. Our dentist is a specialist who provides diagnoses and […]

Follow These Tips for a Healthier Mouth

Maintaining good dental health is important for preventing disease and enjoying optimal oral function. If we neglect our oral health, we place ourselves at risk for conditions like gum disease, bone atrophy, and dental caries as well as tooth loss. While many conditions can be improved with professional intervention like placing restorations for cavities or […]

Keeping Your Toothbrush (and Mouth) Free of Harmful Bacteria

Your toothbrush is a powerful tool for keeping your teeth and mouth clean. However, your toothbrush, like your mouth, can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. When bacteria begin to grow on a toothbrush it can be transferred to one’s mouth and could subsequently affect your dental health. Controlling oral bacteria is important for […]

Electronic Toothbrush: A Great Weapon Against Plaque Formation

An electronic toothbrush is a great weapon against the formation of plaque. The accumulation of plaque is a threat to your oral health because it contributes to common oral disease and bacterial overgrowth. Additionally, when plaque isn’t removed within a couple days, it can harden into tartar after exposed to calculus. When it comes to […]

5 Reasons You Can’t Afford to Neglect Your Oral Health

Foregoing regular dental checkups and cleanings or not practicing proper oral hygiene can take a toll on your overall well-being. Neglecting your oral health can have lasting effects on your daily life and future. From increasing healthcare costs to resulting in costly or time-consuming treatments, neglecting your oral health can have great effects on your […]

Food Friends and Foes for Your Teeth

What we eat and drink can positively and negatively affect our dental health. Certain foods – especially when consumed excessively – can weaken our teeth and contribute to tooth decay. Sometimes, the foods and drinks we consume contribute to bacterial overgrowth, which leads to the formation of plaque and tartar. Plaque and tartar contribute to […]

The Role Nutrition Plays in Maintaining Healthy Teeth

As a society, we are generally rather health conscious. With the help of smartphone apps and social media, there is no shortage of recipe ideas that help substitute unhealthy foods for healthier options. Unfortunately, when we strive to eat healthy diets, we tend to overlook how nutrition plays a role in our dental health. Some […]