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Insufficient Bone: How Bone Grafting Can Help

Has your oral surgeon recommended that you receive a bone graft? Bone grafting is a procedure that improves the structure of the jaws and increases the likelihood of a dental implant’s success. This procedure can assist with maintaining healthy bone mass in the jaws after developing tooth loss, periodontal disease, and even osteoporosis. What is […]

Where Does Bone Grafting Material for Dental Implants Come From?

Bone grafting sometimes accompanies implant dentistry procedures to help facilitate a dental implant’s stabilization in the jaw. Patients receiving a graft may have bone taken from another part of their bodies such as their chins or hips. Some may choose to have bone sourced from tissue banks where bone might originate from cadavers or certain […]

Is a bone graft required for dental implants?

Bone grafting treatments commonly precede the placement of dental implants but grafts are not always necessary. While bone grafting is common, some patients’ dental implants will stabilize without extra tissue. On the other hand, bone grafting can increase the likelihood of a dental implant’s success – especially if the site of implantation is located in […]

Dental Implants after Bone Grafting: How long will I have to wait?

In the past, patients with bone loss had limited options when it came to replacing missing teeth. Because they lacked the bone density necessary to support implants, their options normally consisted of relying on prosthetics such as full or partial dentures to complete their smiles. Dentures rest on top of the gums and over time, […]