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Preventing Facial Injuries on the Field and on the Court

Many sports-related activities can contribute to tooth loss and dental trauma. Did you know that it is possible to prevent facial and oral injuries by taking precautionary measures? You can also mitigate their effects by seeking the appropriate medical or dental treatment in a timely manner. Our dentist is a specialist who provides diagnoses and […]

Do I really need to replace a tooth that’s not visible in the smile?

When we first lose a tooth in adulthood, one of our primary concerns is how a lost tooth will affect our appearance. Sometimes, when a tooth at the back of one’s mouth goes missing, patients might be tempted to forego receiving a replacement tooth because it is not as much as an aesthetic issue as […]

Can dry mouth lead to cavities?

Do you have persistent dry mouth? Medically known as xerostomia, persistent dry mouth can increase your risk for oral health conditions like periodontal disease and cavities. This is because saliva is an important part of keeping the oral cavity clean and moist. Soft oral tissue requires moisture and saliva helps rinse away food particles and […]