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When is IV sedation recommended?

IV sedation can be recommended in dental and medical settings. This type of sedation alleviates feelings of nervousness and discomfort while also helping patients in treatment remain still so that a dentist or oral surgeon can perform treatments without obstruction. IV sedation might also be recommended for patients with special needs to help maintain their […]

Is chewing ice really bad for your teeth?

Do you chew on ice cubes? Did you know that this seemingly benign habit can be very dangerous for your teeth? Chewing on ice cubes and other inedible objects can greatly affect the health of your teeth by causing worn dentition, damaging tooth enamel, and contributing to chips, cracks, and decay. Since chewing ice is […]

How Dental Implants can Restore Your Mouth’s Maximum Function

Has your smile been negatively affected by tooth loss? Have you been looking into cosmetic dentistry treatments to see if there is a procedure that can restore your appearance? If you have lost teeth, we recommend looking into dental implants. These durable replacement teeth can improve both your appearance and your oral function. Our oral […]