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Is a bone graft required for dental implants?

Bone grafting treatments commonly precede the placement of dental implants but grafts are not always necessary. While bone grafting is common, some patients’ dental implants will stabilize without extra tissue. On the other hand, bone grafting can increase the likelihood of a dental implant’s success – especially if the site of implantation is located in […]

Tips to Prevent Tooth Decay

Preventing oral disease is a big aspect of dentistry services. Tooth decay is one of the most common ailments that affects people’s oral health. In fact, dental caries (cavities) are the second most common infectious disease in the United States. There is a specific strain of bacteria that eats through tooth structure and these bacteria […]

Your Comfort Is A Priority In Our Office

Our oral and maxillofacial surgery practice places a high priority on our patients’ comfort during treatment. From placing dental implants and extracting wisdom teeth to performing jaw surgery or grafting treatments, our doctor utilizes effective and properly-dosed sedatives and anesthetics to promote a relaxing experience during treatment. Oral sedation is one method that helps increase […]