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The Facts About Gum Disease

Gum disease is a major threat to your oral health and wellbeing. Many people underestimate how powerful an effect gum (periodontal) disease can have on oral tissue. Periodontal disease is incredibly common and when it advances, it can destroy a person’s health. Scheduling routine checkups and cleanings with a dentist along with practicing thorough oral […]

Experiencing Tooth Loss? 4 Effects Missing Teeth Can Have on Your Dental Health

Losing teeth is devastating for your emotional wellbeing and your oral health. Oral health structures, when healthy, work together in their various parts to create a harmonious and cohesive system. When one aspect of oral health is affected such as the loss of a tooth, it can throw the rest of the system out of […]

Is your diet at the root of your dental issue?

We all know that what we eat is important for our health and wellbeing but sometimes we overlook the fact that our diet affects our oral health, too. This is why a dentist will ask questions about your dietary and lifestyle habits during dental checkups. Understanding what patients eat and don’t eat is important for […]