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Caring for Your Teeth While Traveling or On the Go

If you travel frequently or find yourself away from home for hours at a time, you might want to make adjustments to your oral hygiene regimen. Those of us who live very busy lifestyles can have trouble sticking to a schedule of proper oral hygiene practices. Fortunately, there are ways you can keep your teeth […]

Why Oral Health Symptoms Shouldn’t Be Ignored

Ignoring changes in your dental and oral health can lead to the development of serious conditions that require aggressive, invasive, and costly treatments. When potential problems are detected and treated early on, you increase the likelihood of receiving conservative (and cost-effective) treatment that will help preserve structures in the oral health system. Preventive dentistry focuses […]

Keeping Your Toothbrush (and Mouth) Free of Harmful Bacteria

Your toothbrush is a powerful tool for keeping your teeth and mouth clean. However, your toothbrush, like your mouth, can become a breeding ground for harmful bacteria. When bacteria begin to grow on a toothbrush it can be transferred to one’s mouth and could subsequently affect your dental health. Controlling oral bacteria is important for […]