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What causes tooth decay?

Tooth decay is the most common oral health ailment and is the second most common infectious disease (behind a cold) in the United States. The reason tooth decay is classified as an infectious disease is because the bacteria that eat through a tooth’s structure are passed orally from person to person, normally from parents to […]

Oral Surgery: What are my sedation options?

Do you have an upcoming oral surgery? Perhaps you will be receiving dental implants or will have your wisdom teeth removed. You might be wondering what to expect when it comes to the medication you will receive during your procedure. Our sedation dentist offers a few options for improving patient experience and comfort. When administering […]

The Role Nutrition Plays in Maintaining Healthy Teeth

As a society, we are generally rather health conscious. With the help of smartphone apps and social media, there is no shortage of recipe ideas that help substitute unhealthy foods for healthier options. Unfortunately, when we strive to eat healthy diets, we tend to overlook how nutrition plays a role in our dental health. Some […]