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Is oral sedation an option for my upcoming dental surgery?

Oral sedation can help to make patients more comfortable during oral surgery, and it’s particularly appealing to patients who are squeamish about needles and don’t want to get sedation intravenously. It’s understandable that many people would rather take a sedative in pill form rather than be stuck with a needle. Patients who are interested in […]

I’m considering dental implants, what questions should I ask my oral surgeon?

Congratulations on your decision to consider dental implants as a solution for your tooth loss! This state-of-the-art technology offers the most structurally complete tooth replacement available, and it is becoming an increasingly popular among many patients who have suffered tooth loss. When you are weighing your treatment options, it’s important to know what information you […]

Harmful Effects of Soda on Teeth

Patients who have a soda habit may not recognize the damage that they’re doing to their smiles. However, as our dentist can tell you, soda is one of the most common dietary culprits of tooth decay. A major concern about soda is the sugar content. That sugar can provide a nutrition source for cavity-causing bacteria […]