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Dental Implant Placement: What can I expect after the anesthesia wears off?

Implant dentistry requires a surgical procedure involving anesthesia. If you’ve never had anesthesia before or it’s been some time since your last surgery, here’s an overview of what you may experience after the procedure. Most patients who get dental implants for tooth replacement will actually receive two types of anesthesia. One is local to numb […]

Do I really need to get dental checkups every six months?

Some patients feel that they just can’t fit in semiannual appointments with their dentist, while others may avoid these visits out of dental fear. However, if you’re tempted to put off your exams and cleanings, you may suffer some pretty serious consequences for your oral health. There are many compelling reasons to schedule this routine […]

What if I decide to keep my wisdom teeth?

Many patients who are not experiencing symptoms due to impacted wisdom teeth may wonder why it’s recommended that they have those teeth extracted. Some may even opt to keep their wisdom teeth rather than undergo the surgical procedure needed to remove them. If you’re weighing this decision, it’s important to be as informed as possible […]