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The Long-term Effects of Plaque Buildup

During checkups and cleanings, your dentist likely cautions you against the long-term effects of plaque buildup and the importance of controlling plaque with meticulous oral hygiene. When patients do not practice proper oral hygiene, plaque forms and ultimately builds up along the teeth and gum line. As plaque is exposed to calculus, it will harden […]

What is the lifespan of a dental implant?

In the last decade or so, dental implants have become the most popular method for tooth replacement among dental professionals and patients alike. Dental implants offer a full restoration of oral function as well as appearance. These biocompatible replacement teeth are low maintenance and incredibly durable. In fact, implants are so durable that patients who […]

Oral Sedation: Your Most Common Questions Answered

Oral sedation is a method to improve patient comfort and relaxation during common procedures performed by an oral surgeon. Also called “sedation dentistry”, oral sedation has applications for patients who have fears or phobias in clinical settings. When patients require time consuming or complex treatment, sedation is also beneficial for helping our team provide precise […]