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What causes tooth sensitivity?

For many people suffering with tooth sensitivity, enjoying a meal without pain seems impossible – especially if one is eating ice cream or drinking a hot cup of coffee. Due to wear and tear and common oral health conditions, many folks develop tooth sensitivity and its symptoms can range in severity. Thin tooth enamel, gum […]

Treatment Options for Dental Anxiety

Dental phobias and anxiety can make receiving oral healthcare difficult. Since anxiety can produce feelings of great distress and even keep patients from receiving necessary care, our oral surgeons offer medication options for dealing with phobias and anxiety. As sedation dentists, our doctors can provide the right type of medication to suit an individual’s needs. […]

Tooth Extraction vs. Root Canal

Have you ever wondered why some teeth can be saved with root canal therapy while others require surgical removal? While these treatment protocols are very different; their objectives are the same. Whether tooth extraction or root canal treatment is necessary, the ultimate goal is to preserve oral health and improve oral function. A tooth extraction […]