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Why Early Detection of Dental Decay is So Important

Tooth decay is a very common oral health affliction; in fact, estimates show that up to 99% of the population will be affected by cavities. While tooth decay is a common dental condition, it can be very destructive, especially if it is not treated professionally with a restoration. In some cases, severe cavities may eventually […]

Is general anesthesia an option for my oral surgery procedure?

Do you have an upcoming oral surgery? If so, you probably have a few questions about what to expect. Some patients wonder about how they will feel during surgery – especially if anesthetic or sedative medication is used to ensure comfort and relaxation. As with any other type of medical specialty, medication is used to […]

Dental Myths that Could Be Damaging Your Teeth

Many people engage in seemingly benign habits that are actually harmful to teeth and gums. Others neglect their oral health simply because they do not know how destructive oral conditions can be. For example, your dentist has probably warned you about gum disease and the importance of flossing.  Nevertheless, what you may not realize is […]