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Oral Piercings: The Hidden Risks to Your Dental Health

Do you have a lip ring, a tongue piercing, or dermal modification? While these piercings are considered fashionable to many and a harmless form of self-expression, oral piercings can affect dental structures in a negative way. The metal construction of rings and balled piercings can damage teeth, gums, and restorations, and patients with piercings are […]

How Stress Can Affect Your Dental Health

Stress has profound effects on the body. During times of stress, emotions like anxiety, fear, and anger take a toll on a person’s health. It is common knowledge that prolonged stress can affect the cardiovascular system as well as immunity to disease but many are unaware that stress affects dental health, too. In fact, stress […]

Do Dental Implants Require Special Care?

Like other cosmetic dentistry procedures, dental implants improve oral function and appearance. Since implant dentistry is a relatively new concept, patients tend to have questions about this procedure and how it will affect their daily lives. Dental implants are permanent replacement teeth that replace the whole structure of a missing tooth, including its roots. When […]