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Dental Implants: A Natural Looking Tooth Replacement Solution

Aesthetics are of the utmost importance to many patients in need of a tooth replacement after suffering from tooth loss. Accordingly, dental implants appeal to those individuals who prioritize maintaining a smile with a natural appearance. Implants have a number of qualities that help them to mimic the appearance of biological teeth. To begin with, […]

Remove Impacted Wisdom Teeth: Reduce The Risk Of Gum Disease

You may know the dangers gum disease poses for your oral health, but did you realize that impacted wisdom teeth may actually raise your risk of developing the condition? Difficulty with Impacted Teeth and Bacteria It can be difficult to keep these impacted teeth clean due to their location at the back of the jaw. […]

Missing Teeth Can Have Far-Reaching Effects On Your Oral Health

In addition to their detrimental effects on your smile, missing teeth also can compromise your oral health and your general well-being. Missing teeth can knock the rest of the smile out of alignment, as the remaining teeth will naturally shift out of their proper positions to fill in the resulting empty space. This process can […]