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Enjoy Your Favorite Foods with Dental Implants

After tooth loss, eating food and speaking properly becomes very different. Tooth loss has profound effects on our everyday lives. For example, eating a meal comfortably and confidently can become quite cumbersome with missing teeth. Fortunately, patients have many options for replacing lost teeth. One wildly popular method for restoring oral function and lost dental […]

How Can I Keep a Youthful Looking Smile as I Age?

Like the rest of our bodies, our teeth can shows signs of aging, too. Beyond just normal yellowing and staining, some patients’ teeth become worn down with time and require extraction due to disease or damage. To help our patients maintain a youthful appearance and a functioning smile, our oral surgeon offers dental implants. Considered […]

Protruding Lower Jaw: What are my options?

A protruding lower jaw can cause many problems for patients. When orthodontic care is not enough, mouth surgery is often necessary to correct a patient’s appearance and oral function. Misaligned jaws are often caused by developmental and congenital abnormalities. When one jaw protrudes out further than the other does, patients are likely to experience discomfort […]