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When is oral sedation recommended?

Oral sedation can give oral surgery patients a more comfortable experience during their procedures. Patients who are particularly anxious can benefit from this service, as can patients who are facing lengthy, complex treatments. Many oral surgery procedures require some form of sedation, in addition to a local anesthetic, and sedation dentistry offers an alternative to […]

Is my tooth pain from an impacted wisdom tooth or a tooth abscess?

Pain at the rear of the mouth can be caused by a number of issues, such as impacted wisdom teeth or a tooth abscess, which will need appropriate treatment for the patient to get symptom relief. If you develop pain at the rear of your jaw, it’s important to consult with a dentist or oral […]

Is the dental implant prone to cavities or gum disease?

Many patients who are in need of a tooth replacement find themselves in that situation due to tooth loss as a result of advanced decay or gum disease. They typically want to be sure that the replacement will not be compromised by those same issues. In short, dental implants themselves are not directly affected by […]