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I’m Afraid of Needles: Is Sedation Dentistry Still an Option?

Many people have fears of visiting the dentist or oral surgeon and receiving oral health treatments. This is why some patients may request sedation dentistry when they undergo treatment such as removing wisdom teeth or receiving dental implants. For patients with dental phobias or for procedures that require stillness, our oral surgeon offers varying levels […]

Common Causes and Symptoms of Toothache

Our body has ways of letting us know when something is wrong. A fever tells us we are fighting an infection. Yellowing of the skin can point to a problem with organ function. The same goes for dental problems as well. When a patient experiences a toothache, it is an indicator that something is wrong. […]

Smoking and Your Dental Health

While it is common knowledge that smoking has disastrous effects on overall health, including an increased risk for heart disease and cancer, smoking also profoundly affects dental health. Did you know that those who smoke have a higher risk for developing gum disease and oral cancer? Smokers are also more likely to suffer from tooth […]