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Why Dental Implants are the Ideal Tooth Replacement Solution

Patients have numerous options for tooth replacement, but not all of those treatments are created equal. Older methods, such as dental bridges and conventional dentures, focused on replacing the visible portion of the tooth, the crown. However, the root structure that is hidden beneath the gum line plays an essential role in the smile’s stability. […]

Mouthguards: Not just for professional athletes

You don’t have to be a professional athlete for a sports-related injury to lead to mouth surgery. Weekend warriors and elite athletes alike are at risk for significantly damaging facial trauma if they don’t wear the proper protective equipment. To limit the likelihood that recreational activities will send them to the oral surgeon, patients should […]

Oral Surgeon Explains What Happens to Teeth and Gums as We Age

Just as your risk of some serious medical conditions like cancer, heart disease and diabetes increases as you get older, you also have more of a chance of developing an oral disease as you age. In fact, tooth loss is a common occurrence in older adults, although advances in dental treatments have reduced the frequency […]