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When is jaw or mouth surgery necessary?

When the upper and lower jaws don’t meet properly–a condition known as a malocclusion–a patient can suffer from a number of negative effects, including discomfort, decreased capacity for chewing, breathing problems and an unattractive smile. Fortunately, most malocclusions can be corrected with the jaws brought into the proper alignment. Depending on the patient’s developmental stage […]

How closely do dental implants mimic a natural tooth?

When patients lose a natural tooth, the ideal scenario for tooth replacement is a prosthetic that comes as close as possible to matching the complete structure of that tooth. The dental implant performs well in this regard. A dental implant is a unique intervention because it is the sole tooth replacement that fills in for […]

What is a soft tissue impacted tooth?

Permanent teeth become impacted when they are unable to emerge properly in the smile. Many impacted teeth are surrounded by the jawbone. Alternatively, a soft tissue impacted tooth is covered only by the gum tissue and unable to emerge. A patient’s third molars, or wisdom teeth, have the greatest likelihood of being impacted because they […]