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Nail Biting May Lead to Dental Issues

Biting your nails can be a tough habit to break, and you’re probably aware of the ill-effects it can have on your manicure. Many patients may also do damage to their teeth when they bite their nails. The nails are hard objects, and they can wear down the enamel when bitten repeatedly. Similarly, nail-biting has […]

Baby Teeth Jewelry

According to ABC News, the next big “thing” for mothers who want to preserve their young child’s precious moments is now here. Moms can order molds of their children’s baby teeth and wear them on a necklace, so they may always remember their little one’s younger years. You can order them from a specialty shop […]

Preparing For Your Initial Dentistry Or Oral Surgery Evaluation

Some patients find the idea of dentistry intimidating or even anxiety-provoking, but knowing what to expect can sometimes put a patient’s worries at ease. If you are able to prepare adequately for the process, beginning with the initial evaluation, you may find that the whole experience is a much more pleasant one. If you have […]

Dentist Near Charlottesville Offers 3D Imaging Technology For Patient Care

In some circumstances, a dentist may need to use imaging to get a view of the facial structures that are obscured by the skin and soft tissues of the mouth. The earliest imaging technology provided only two-dimensional depictions of the jaw and other facial bones, but with certain types of oral surgery and other treatments, […]