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Will dental implants last a lifetime?

Many patients consult with an implant dentist after tooth loss because they want a durable replacement tooth that is unlikely to need to be replaced over time. Dentures and bridges often lose their fit over time as the shape of the jawbone changes, and patients may need to have those appliances adjusted or even get […]

Gum Disease: What can I do to reduce my risk?

Gum disease can have serious consequences for your oral health when it is left untreated. It can ultimately lead to tooth loss and bone loss if it reaches the most severe stages. If you develop gum disease and you do not have it treated promptly, you may eventually have to see an oral surgeon to […]

Are dental implants an option for tooth replacement after an extraction?

Patients who need to have a tooth removed often worry as much about the tooth replacement as they do about the extraction procedure. Indeed, the decision on a tooth replacement is a significant one. Patients want a prosthetic that looks and feels life-like, as well as one that approximates the functionality of the natural tooth […]