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Maxillofacial Trauma: Bone Fractures

In the world of oral surgery, the need for cosmetic dentistry is a topic that arises more often than you might think. Though it would seem that cosmetic procedures are reserved for patients who are fighting to turn back the hands of time or achieve certain physical attributes, the cosmetic approach also comes into play […]

Is Sedation Dentistry a Good Choice for Children?

From the time that your baby is born and well into adulthood, you will be tasked with making some tough decisions in the name of health and safety. As a parent, you certainly want to provide your child with access to great healthcare and that also includes the appropriate dental care. However, it is natural […]

What Protection Does a Mouthguard Provide?

The teeth and bones are among the hardest and most durable tissues in our bodies. Yet, they are still vulnerable to trauma and injuries, sometimes requiring the use of protective devices and additional safety practices in order to keep our smiles intact. When it is necessary to provide strong physical protection and coverage for the […]