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How Dental Implants Have Changed Replacement Teeth

Dental implants have completely changed the way that we view tooth replacement, and it’s been an integral part of an exciting evolution in dentistry. As we learn more and more about the characteristics that make real teeth so effective, we are able to apply those characteristics to artificial teeth as well. Recognizing that real teeth […]

Tips to Protect Tooth Enamel

The enamel that coats the tops of your teeth should be regarded as one of the most important, non-renewable resources in your mouth. It’s a hard tissue that develops early in your life, and it is not capable of regrowing or replenishing itself once it has been damaged. To a large degree, the information that […]

Experiencing Jaw Pain: Could It Be TMJ?

When you are experiencing chronic or periodic jaw pain, the symptoms can be both mysterious and somewhat confusing. You might not be sure whether it’s a problem that dentists are able to address or whether you should consult your family physician instead. As you think about your symptoms, remember that your dentist specializes in the […]