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Diagnosing and Treating Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Obstructive Sleep Apnea is one of the more severe sleep disorders because it affects your ability to breathe while you are asleep, a time when you are unconscious and unable to help yourself. It is a condition that is difficult to self-diagnose and virtually impossible to manage on your own. There are a number of […]

Steps to Prevent Facial Injuries

Like most injuries that affect the head, neck, and mouth, facial injuries are certainly alarming. They are sometimes indescribably painful, there is the potential for severe bleeding, and bandaging or concealing the injury is particularly difficult. Most of these injuries are the result of an unforeseen accident, but many of them can be prevented when […]

How is an Abscessed Tooth Diagnosed?

Sometimes, the signs and symptoms of an abscessed tooth are so acute and distinct that you could probably diagnose the dental condition yourself. You may experience: A bad taste or smell that cannot be managed with brushing, mints, or mouthwash Spontaneous throbbing or shooting pain, especially at night A bump on the gums that bursts […]