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What is a Supernumerary Tooth?

In childhood, a complete smile consists of 20 teeth. In adulthood, that number increases to a total of 32 teeth, including the wisdom teeth. When a patient is found to have more than the normal number of teeth, the additional teeth are known as “supernumerary teeth”, or hyperdontia.  In dentistry, these terms describe a common […]

Tips to Ensure a Successful Dental Implant Recovery

In recent decades, dental implants have become the most commonly recommended form of tooth replacement by dentists worldwide. When these replacement teeth are selected for the appropriate patient, placed under the best circumstances, and permitted to heal properly, the success rate soars to nearly 97%. Part of the implant process is dependent upon the talent […]

A Healthy Body and Healthy Smile Go Hand in Hand

If you want to maintain good overall health, you just can’t ignore your dental health. The consequences of not maintaining healthy teeth and gums can result in a number of dental conditions that can lead to a general decline in the quality of your life. Now, more than ever, studies are indicating that the status […]