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Detriment of Not Diagnosing and Treating Wisdom Teeth Impactions

Not all wisdom teeth must be removed. If there is adequate space in the very rear of the mouth to allow the third molars to erupt properly, there may be little reason to have them extracted. Unfortunately for millions of patients, the wisdom teeth create more risks than benefits. To avoid complications to both your […]

Sleep Apnea: What happens to my body?

Your body needs oxygen and rest to function properly. A lack of oxygen or the inability to sustain deep levels of sleep can impair your health, sour your mood, and present serious safety issues. Not only is your safety at risk, but you must also consider the safety of those around you. When you suffer […]

Common Causes of Tooth Loss

By design, the human body should produce exactly 20 baby teeth and 32 adult teeth, with each tooth tasked with an important duty. The front teeth must cut and bite into foods, the side teeth are responsible for tearing, and the molars must be forceful enough to chew and pulverize food in order to ensure […]