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TMJ Disorder: Is oral surgery necessary?

Many patients come to a dentist with complaints of pain and headaches that do not seem to have a cause. Often, the culprit in these cases is a temporomandibular joint disorder, or a problem with the jaw. The jaw joint, where the mandible (lower jawbone) meets the skull, is a complex structure that facilitates all […]

Is Snoring Harmful?

Although sleeping partners are bound to disagree, many people believe that snoring is a harmless nuisance, with no notable negative health effects. Indeed, for some people, snoring is just an annoyance. For other patients, however, snoring may signal sleep apnea. Patients whose snoring is a sign of sleep apnea may face significant health risks from […]

Reconstructive Surgery for Facial Trauma

Car accidents, contact sports and simple household mishaps can all lead to devastating facial injuries that require extensive repair. Certain forms of cancer, especially head and neck cancers, or congenital issues, such as cleft palate, also may result in deformities that are unattractive and can have an effect on a patient’s ability to chew or […]