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Dental implants: Reclaim a more youthful appearance

The gap left behind by a missing tooth or multiple missing teeth can create the appearance that you are years older than your true chronological age. Fortunately, this aging process is reversible. It can be fixed in just a few visits to the implant dentist. Dental implants give you the opportunity to shave years from […]

Preparing for IV Sedation or Anesthesia

To achieve maximum comfort during an oral surgery procedure, many patients opt for intravenous (IV) sedation or general anesthesia. IVs have a nearly instantaneous effect, and you’ll have no recollection of the procedure after it is complete. When your sedation dentist uses IV sedation, the anti-anxiety medication that relaxes you (or puts you to sleep, […]

Treatment Options for an Impacted Tooth

If there is not enough room in the jaw to accommodate a tooth’s eruption, that tooth may become impacted, or lodged in the jawbone or gums. The third molars, or wisdom teeth, are the most commonly impacted teeth, but any permanent tooth may become impacted. If it does, you may need to have an oral […]