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Dental implants: What type of anesthesia is used?

Patients may be anxious in the face of dental implant placement, and understandably so. It can be intimidating to face an unfamiliar surgery of any type, regardless of the experience and knowledge of your oral surgeon. Sedation dentistry is a safe and effective method for Charlottesville patients to reduce any anxiety surrounding the placement of […]

Do certain health conditions reduce implant success?

Dental implants can be a wise long-term investment if you care for them properly. Unlike other tooth replacement alternatives, the dental implant and its accompanying prosthetic crown replicate the entire structure of the missing tooth, not merely the visible portion. However, in order for those dental implants to be an enduring solution, patients’ mouths must […]

What does a dental implant procedure involve?

If you are missing teeth and are considering dental implants in Charlottesville VA 22911, you may have questions about the how the implant process works. The first step is a visit to Dr. Carlos Ibañez, your Charlottesville oral surgeon, to determine whether you are a candidate for dental implants. Patients must have enough bone material […]