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Wisdom teeth removal: Is sedation an option?

It’s important for patients to have their wisdom teeth removed in their late teens or early twenties to avoid a host of complications that may arise from leaving the wisdom teeth in place. Nonetheless, the prospect of having the wisdom teeth removed can instigate significant anxiety among some patients. To alleviate their fears, many patients […]

Single tooth replacement: What are my options?

Charlottesville patients who are missing teeth often want to address the problem as soon as possible, and understandably so. A missing tooth not only affects a person’s speech and ability to chew, but it also brings down self-esteem as a side effect of a less-than-perfect smile. Patients who need to replace a single tooth have […]

Sedation dentistry: Will I remember anything?

The prospect of oral surgery can be an intimidating one, particularly for patients who have endured bad experiences with dental procedures in the past. Fortunately, sedation dentistry can help these patients to face their fears. Even better, patients who choose sedation dentistry in Charlottesville will have no recollection of the procedure afterward. Sedation dentistry eliminates […]